Fat Birds Build a Bridge Preview

Well, it doesn’t get more high concept than this — the title of Estelion’s Fat Birds Build a Bridge sums up just about everything you need to know! No slingshots here, these birds get around the old fashioned way.

Judging from the time we’ve spent with it so far, Fat Birds should be a diehard bridge builder’s delight. All you’ve got to work with here are a number of rodlike plank segments and the sloping walls of the chasm yawning before the flightless poultry. It takes serious ingenuity to create load-bearing elements with such a limited toolset and minimal clues, making this one of the most challenging physics puzzlers we’ve seen in a while.

Fat Birds’ bridges are constructed through a node system that’s surprisingly well suited to the touchscreen. Large silver nodes are where you begin your bridge; dragging from one of these draws out a plank with an end node attached to your finger. Gravity is mercifully suspended during the design process — you’ll find out just how much you need to sharpen your engineering skills the moment you hit the “Go” button and usher your birds across. The first test is whether the bridge holds its own weight, and the second begins once the birds start crossing a few seconds later. Bird lovers should be warned that hundreds of budgies will plummet to their doom in an average playthrough!

Fat Birds should be releasing in the next few weeks. If your interest is as piqued as ours is, keep an eye on Estelion’s website, Facebook page and Twitter account for the latest.