Yamato Takeru Is The New Saber In Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order, the mobile RPG by TYPE-MOON and Aniplex, has added Yamato Takeru, the Saber-class Servant from Fate/Samurai Remnant, to its Japanese server. The exciting addition is marked by a special gacha banner that was dropped on New Year’s Day.

Who Is Yamato Takeru?

Yamato Takeru originally appeared in the action RPG Fate/Samurai Remnant. Takeru is a servant of Fujimaru Ritsuka, the game’s protagonist. Takeru now joins the Fate/Grand Order roster as part of the ongoing efforts to integrate key Servants from console games into the mobile editions. Initially, the developers kept the character’s true identity a secret until December, 2023.

Takeru’s character is based on Yamato Takeru, a legendary ancient Japanese prince. Takeru is the child of Emperor Keikō who ruled Yamato between the first and second centuries. Takeru has androgynous traits and doesn’t identify themself as a man or a woman. Wielding an uchigatana-length sword with a jagged edge, Takeru possesses superhuman combat skills. Catch a glimpse of the Saber-class Servant in action!

Played Fate/Grand Order Yet?

Released in 2015, Fate/Grand Order is a gacha RPG with engaging gameplay mechanics and captivating lore. The title gives you the flexibility to delve into the action or savour the narrative at your own pace by saving story dialogues to view later.

Each character has been given a personalized touch, irrespective of their rarity. Did you know that Fujimaru Ritsuka, the protagonist, can be male or female depending on your choice? The inclusion of multiple skins and character evolutions make Fate/Grand Order a unique and immersive experience.

You need multiple copies of the same 5-star servant to bring out its maximum abilities. All characters have three skins that are customisable and you can swap them as per your wish. Get the title from the App Store, if you don’t have it already.

Let’s hope that Takeru hits the global scene soon. In the meantime, check out our latest scoop on Suika, The Watermelon Game Is A Fruity Delight Where Tetris Meets 2048