Fate Grand Order poster announcing summon for New Year Servant

Delight Works Announces Collab Between Its Two Fate IPs for January 2024

Staying true to its annual tradition, Japanese video game publisher Delight Works has announced a collaboration between two of its existing IPs. Fate Grand Order is one of the biggest mobile games in not just Japan but the world. Its developers are used to coming up with creative ideas to attract new players at the start of each year. Recently, FGO fans were excited to learn that one iconic Fate servant, Yamato Takeru, would make his debut this year.

Fate Grand Order X Fate Samurai Remnant

Last September, Fate Samurai Remnant launched on all major consoles. It became one of the most popular games by Koei Tecmo. Following its grand success, developers decided to release one of the characters as the New Year Servant for 2024. The iconic Fate servant, Yamato Takeru will however be available only on FGO’s Japan server.

If you are not familiar with the games, Yamato Takeru is a Saber-class servant in Fate Samurai Remnant. He is summoned by Miyamoto Iori during the Waxing Moon Ritual. Sometimes, he is even referred to as “Japan’s King Arthur” due to the many similarities in their legends.

In Fate Grand Order, Yamato Takeru is still a Saber-class servant, but his noble phantasm, Amenomurakumo-no-Tsurugi, has a powerful area of effect. By increasing the impact of his attacks and gaining points for his noble phantasm, Yamato Takeru can easily attack and shatter his enemies. Since this character is a top-tier servant, players are waiting to discover how he affects the entire storyline of FGO.

A Closer Look at the New Year Summon for FGO JP

Yamato Takeru can be summoned in Fate Grand Order for only a limited time. Apart from him, players can also summon other servants who will receive rate-ups. These characters include Koyanskaya of Light, Meltryllis, Jeanne D’Arc, Tiama, Himiko, Romulus-Quirinus, Merlin, Yamanami Keisuke, Helena Blavatsky, Minamoto no Raiko, Locusta, Artoria Alter, Baobhan Sith, and Caenis.

The summon starts today January 1, 2024, and will end on January 10, 2024, around 23:59. Visit the official website of FGO JP for more details about the campaign. And to stay updated on the latest iOS games, you can check out some of our other news. Teacher Simulator Surpasses 100 Million Downloads Since Launch