Feature: Hot New Trailers!

It’s been an incredibly busy week so far as earth shatteringly amazing iPhone and iPad game announcements are concerned. So, being the considerate souls that we are, iFanzine decided to put together a round-up of all the latest and greatest new trailers, teasers, and gameplay videos for your viewing pleasure. Highlights include N.O.V.A. 2, Dead Rising, Vampire Origins Reloaded, and more!

N.O.V.A. 2: By way of a short and sweet teaser trailer, Gameloft this week confirmed that smash-hit sci-fi shooter N.O.V.A. is getting the sequel treatment. While the video is light on actual gameplay footage, it is guaranteed to whet your appetite for another installment of HALO-esque FPS action.

Vampire Origins RELOADED: The brand new update for Vampire Origins blasted its way into the App Store a few days back, boasting new features designed specifically for iPhone 4 users.Vampire Origins now incorporates innovative controls using the iPhone 4’s Gyroscope and stunning visuals with Retina Display. Take control of Vincent once again to defeat the bloodsucking hordes, this time though, things are a little different. Take on the evil vampires in the brand new Survival Mode, and use the gyroscopic controls to take aim and blow your enemies away!

Dead Rising: IGN broke the news that Capcom’s Dead Rising will be making its iPhone debut this holiday season. Based on the critically acclaimed console game of the same name, in addition to plenty of balls-out, zombie slaughtering action, Dead Rising promises to deliver some intriguing, iPhone specific social networking features, such as the ability to call for back-up from your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Source: MacLifeVideo

RollOut HD: “A brilliantly frustrating and frustratingly brilliant platformer”, is how we described BulkyPix’s innovative RollOut when we reviewed the game back in June. According to our sources, an iPad version is as we speak going through its final testing phase and will be released very soon.

Crazy Piano: Bulkypix are most definitely on a roll of late, and their latest game, a cute and colorful music making app, is bound to raise a smile! Key features include: Insanely beautiful 3D rendering, crazy characters, tons of incredible gonzo voices, 3 carefully crafted nutty songs, and the neat ability to compose your own songs!