Fetch Review

With a young boy as a protagonist, Fetch (out now, $4.99) may appear to cater to younger gamers, but it’s easy for anyone to enjoy this point-and-click adventure for the iPad. The game is set in a dystopian world monopolized by a corporate giant called Embark Industries.

fetch8At the beginning it might be a little unclear what you’re supposed to do and what the story’s about, but after exploring the city, you’ll come across the first of several arcade machines. In this first mini game, Alien Shooter, you’ll have to destroy monsters and incoming asteroids by tapping them. Once you win the game you’ll be rewarded with a prize that comes in handy later when the boy’s dog, Bear, is swallowed by a fire hydrant.

Once you follow Bear through the fire hydrant, you’ll end up in the sewers. Your goal now is clear: To locate and recover Bear. Along the way, you’ll find numerous dog tags and discover Embark has long been making a habit of abducting dogs. As with many adventure games, you’ll have to solve puzzles in order to progress from one area to the next. There are valves you can turn to alter the water level in the sewers and tools you need to collect to help you.

fetch2Fetch is a gorgeous, albeit grim world full of interactive elements. The details are lovely. For instance, you can make skulls gnash their jaws together and pop bubble wrap even though none of this is essential to the game. Some mini games are part of the adventure story, while others are embedded in arcade machines. Although the individual mini games are simple, they add to the entire experience, making the overall game more variegated, and thus entertaining.

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iFanzine Verdict: Fetch is a charming game with beautiful visuals and an assortment of small puzzles that integrate nicely into the story. Lovers of point-and-click adventures should find this incredibly engaging, although some may find certain parts of the game too simple.