Fight Epic Historical Battles in Infinite Tanks WWII

Atypical Games has released the newest game in its Infinite Tanks series – it’s called Infinite Tanks WWII and, as you can probably tell it’s set during the second World War. It sees you using an innovative card-based system to build hybrid tanks, and then using those death machines in a variety of different modes.

On the single player front there’s a 12 level campaign to play through that’s set across five different theaters of war. You’ll be fighting in Russia, Africa and the Pacific, to name just three of the open battlefields you’ll be tanking your way across.

Multiplayer-wise you’ll be scrapping it out in 7v7 battles. There’s king of the hill, team deathmatch and capture the base to sink your teeth into. You can customize your tank as well, adding new paint jobs and special badges. Ooooh, badges.

The items you unlock in single player can be taken into battle in multiplayer. The combinations of tank parts are basically endless, which is where the infinite part of the game’s name comes from. So yeah, loads of tanks.

You can grab Infinite Tanks WWII from the App Store by clicking here. The game’ll set you back $9.99, so you should probably love tanks if you’re going to give it a go. Atypical has plenty of pedigree making awesome vehicular combat games, and we expect this one to follow in a similar vein.