Fight the Bulge With Upcoming Fitness Tracking Game ‘Battle Pig’

Gregory Wingert and cohorts were recently dismayed when they went looking for apps to help them track their workout regimes, since most of the apps available were either specific to a single type of exercise — a single tracking device — or ultimately just boring. This eventually led them to conceive of their own fitness tracking game: Battle Pig, wherein users could perform any work-out of their choosing — utilizing a variety of fitness tracking devices — and in the process slowly train up their warrior pig to epic greatness! Players will additionally have to make sure they engage in regular work-out sessions, or else — much like their own bodies — their previously tricked out pigs will slowly revert backwards in terms of combat prowess.

Afterwards players will be able to — via a local Wi-Fi connection — combat against a friend’s pig in real-time arcade-style combat, as well as against ten different AI-based boss opponents! The results of these fights will then be based on a mixture of one’s skills with the combat system, as well as just how prepared they’ve made their pig through a rigorous and consistent work-out regime. Gregory Wingert and friends hoped that this mixture of game-playing combined with working-out would help to entice Teenagers towards exercise far better than the results seen by currently available fitness apps.


Although the group had already spent six months working on their project — which previously won first place during a Google Startup Weekend competition — there were still various legal fees blockading their way, such as trademark registration and the like. As a result Gregory’s group of friends recently approached Kickstarter with a request for $5,000, which Kickstarter’s community managed to successfully scrape together by the fundraiser’s closing hour. As a result of this satisfactory turnout, Gregory’s group of friend currently aim to have Battle Pig available — on both Android and iOS based devices, no less — roughly a year from now.

Although the Battle Pig Kickstarter has since come and gone, iFanzine will do our best to keep you apprised of the day when exercising finally means not just sweating like a pig — like it always has — but additionally fighting like one afterwards.