Figment: Journey into the Mind is a Hand-drawn Puzzle Adventure Out Now on iOS

Figment: Journey into the Mind is a brand new puzzle adventure that has just launched on iOS. You play as Dusty and his friend Piper who have to help the mind face its fears.

The plot is a bit strange but it takes place in what appears to be someone’s mind. Dusty is the former voice of courage while Piper is optimism, and the two of them have to help face the mind’s fear.

Figment: Journey Into the Mind Challenges You to Face a Human Mind’s Fears

The world is fully hand-drawn and it’s pretty gorgeous. You’ll battle the mind’s various fears and solve puzzles to progress

You can play it with touch controls or swap to a controller, with MFi, Xbox One, and PS4 controllers all supported. It also supports 60 FPS.

So head on over to the App Store right now and check out Figment: Into the Mind. It seems like a lot of fun.