Final Blade is a blockbuster Korean gacha RPG and now you can play it globally

It’s always difficult to predict which games will make a splash on the mobile app stores, but you safely place a bet on Final Blade. How do we know? Because it’s already a hit in South Korea and Taiwan, the only two territories where the game has been available since it launched in 2017.

For the last few weeks, Final Blade has been available in pre-registration form globally, and after the attracting 300,000 new users in that time the game is now available in all its dazzling gacha glory.

Here’s the story: the fantasy realm of Taemoon is in crisis owing to a nefarious figure called Cheukchun. You, playing as the Black Prince, go forth with a band of powerful warriors to put Cheukchun down. Unfortunately, she gets the first strike in, scattering the prince’s comrades to the four winds.

Now you have two jobs: restore your army via the random magic of gacha summoning, and take out Cheukchun. Easy.

If you’ve played a mobile RPG before you’ll know the basics. You can summon over 300 heroes, and then level them up and evolve them through three different states. These evolutions have a visible effect, which is neat.

The classic classes are all present and correct, including Mage, Warrior, Healer, Assassin, and Ranger, and each character has its own skills too. The aim is to create a range of parties for every situation.

And there are plenty of situations. You can play through the single-player Adventure campaign, take on human opponents in the PvP Duel Competition, fight en masse in Guild War, and go on PvE boss raids in World Raid and Pandemonium.

Final Blade is out this week, and now is the time to download it, since developer Sky People – in partnership with Glohow – is holding a range of events, showering you with rewards for stuff like logging in, summoning heroes, finishing missions, and basically having a good time. It’s a no-brainer.

Meanwhile the Valentine’s event gives you chocolates to trade for stonking great rewards like 5 or 6 star heroes.

Download Final Blade on Google Play and the App Store now.