Final Fantasy 1-3 Pixel Remasters Now Live on the App Store

The first three games in Square Enix’s Pixel Remaster series have gone live on the App Store. That’s Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III for anyone who’s keeping score.

The games are 2D pixel remasters of the originals, giving players the chance to play them in pretty-close-to-their-original-forms for the first time in a long while. There are obviously tweaks to make them work on mobile, and to make them look decent, too.

We should probably watch a trailer for one of them now, right? How about one for Final Fantasy III, since it’s the most expensive of the trio.

There doesn’t seem to be any bundle of the games available yet, which is slightly annoying, but you can buy them all individually. They’re all premium games and a one-off purchase gets you the whole shebang. Here’s the download links.

We don’t know when the other Pixel Remasters – of FFs 4-6 – are going to land, but we will, of course, let you know as soon as we do.