‘Final Fantasy 9’ Coming to iOS This Year

Square-Enix has recently revealed that Final Fantasy 9 — revered by some as the greatest Final Fantasy game ever, and also the last entry to ever be produced by series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi — will soon be receiving an HD port to PC and Mobile devices. Beyond merely receiving re-rendered movie files — and crisper looking in-game textures — many other features are also planned, including: new achievements, auto-saving functionality, and faster walk-around. If it’s anything like Square-Enix’s other recent mobile ports, then you can probably expect this to carry a somewhat hefty upfront price tag (but with the added perk of there being no manipulative IAPs shoved in anywhere).

Assuming everything goes as Square-Enix currently plans — which would seem likely, judging from how far along the trailer appears to be — then Final Fantasy 9’s HD update should be arriving later this year on iOS.

Source: Kotaku