Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster Out Now on the App Store

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the release of Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster, well unbate your breath right this second. The game has just landed on the App Store and you can download it to your heart’s content. Which is probably once.

The game is considered by many to be the apex of the early Final Fantasy games, and it introduced some of the ideas we’ve come to associate with the series, like gloomy stories and the ATB active-time battle system.

The story follows a fearsome soldier who disavows his orders and turns against his commanders. It’s really good, and this new version of the game features polished pixel graphics and a UI designed for mobile.

The game is the fourth Final Fantasy game to receive the Pixel Remaster treatment. While it’s already been available in a bunch of different guises on the App Store, this one is probably the closest to the original vision.

You can click here to download Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster from the App Store right now. It’s a premium release with no IAPs and it’ll set you back $17.99.