Final Fantasy IX Has Been Pulled from the App Store

You can now add Final Fantasy IX to the list of games that Square Enix has had to pull from the App Store because they stopped working. The port of the brilliant, PSOne-era JRPG has been taken off the App Store because it’s no longer compatible with the OS.

The game has had problems since the launch of iOS 14.5, and now it just flat out doesn’t work. Anyone who’s been playing mobile games for a while will remember a similar saga with The World Ends With You.

It’s a pretty big blow to anyone who downloaded the game and updated their OS, since they’ve essentially spent some pretty big bucks on a dud.

And it’s doubly sad, because Final Fantasy IX is probably the best FF game ever made. While we don’t have any details on a return, Square has confirmed that FFIX will make it back onto the App Store at some point, although when that’ll be is anyone’s guess.

We will, of course, let you know when the game is back live. And we’ll keep an eye on Squeenix’s other games to see if any suffer a similar fate.

Via TouchArcade