Final Fantasy VI: Pixel Remaster Out Now on the App Store

It’s been a while coming, but the final piece in Square Enix’s Pixel Remaster puzzle has just landed on the App Store. That’s right – Final Fantasy VI: Pixel Remaster is out now for anyone who fancies giving it a go.

Like the other games in the Pixel Remaster series, FFVI is a polished and preened version of the classic original. It’s had a graphical overhaul, albeit one that’s tried to keep the charm of the pixel-art original, as well as some other tweaks.

There are auto-battles now if you want them, and a redesigned UI that’s going to make it easier to play on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s a trailer that shows off the game in action.

There’s also a rearranged soundtrack, overseen by the original composer Nobuo Uematsu. You’ll also get supplementary extras like an illustration gallery, music player and a bestiary. So you’re getting a decent chunk of classic game, plus some swish extras.

None of this comes cheap, though. The game will set you back $17.99, which puts it in line with most of Square Enix’s releases on the App Store. You can click here to download Final Fantasy VI: Pixel Remaster from the App Store.