Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis x Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis x Rebirth Drops On February 15th!

Square Enix is dropping an epic crossover event between two parts of the Final Fantasy VII universe. Blending Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis with the upcoming title, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the crossover is hitting iOS, Android and Steam on February 15th. That’s like, right around the corner!

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis x Rebirth

The Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis x Rebirth crossover is a sneak peek into what’s coming with FFVII Rebirth. It’s going to give you a taste of the story and action you can expect on the PlayStation 5. Cloud and Sephiroth from Rebirth will be joining the party for some epic battles!

It’s bringing together two iconic parts of the FFVII saga for a ride full of nostalgia, thrills, and maybe even some exclusive goodies.  Although we’re still in the dark about what gear or outfits you’ll get in the crossover, the FF7 team dropped a fresh trailer giving us a sneak peek into the game. Why don’t you take a look at it, too?

New Final Fantasy Title Dropping Soon

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is like the next chapter after the FFVII Remake from 2020. The team has added more depth to the characters and storyline and features real-time exploration and combat. Rebirth is set in a world called ‘The Planet,’ and revolves around the Shinra Electric Power Company.

You’ll be journeying from Midgar to the Forgotten Capital, dealing with all sorts of drama and battles along the way. Square Enix is dropping Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on February 29, 2024, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

On the other hand, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is like a prequel to the FFVII. It gives us the lowdown on Sephiroth’s early days. It’s set seven years before the events of Final Fantasy VII. You get to dig into Zack Fair’s (a Shinra’s SOLDIER crew) backstory too. On that note, get the tile from the App Store and gear up for the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis x Rebirth crossover!

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