Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Coming to the App Store Next Month

Square Enix has revealed that its upcoming Final Fantasy VII battle royale prequel is set to launch worldwide next month. That’s right, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is coming to the App Store next month.

The game sees you playing as one of the prototype SOLDIERs, picking a class and using your skills to try and dominate on the battlefield. Square Enix also announced that the game is going to feature controller support when it launches.

On top of that it’s going to have a revamped tutorial from the beta version, and a new class – the ninja. Here’s a trailer that was shown off at the Tokyo Game Show over the weekend.

The new details were announced in a series of tweets over at the game’s English language Twitter account. You can check them out by clicking here. Pre-orders for the game are set to go live later this month, with a global launch set for November.

You can find out more about Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier by checking out its official website right here. We’re pretty excited about this one, and we’ll be sure to let you know when the pre-orders go live and a concrete release date is confirmed.