Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Launching on November 30th

Earlier this month we let you know that Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier was coming to the App Store in November. Well, now we’ve got a confirmed release date to share with you – the game will go live globally on November 30th.

The game is a sort of prequel to Final Fantasy VII that sees you joining up to the Soldier program. That involves fighting it out with other players in massive battle royale matches. You can choose your class, upgrade your gear and use summons to wreak havoc.

It looks pretty sweet, and you can even ride chocobos around the map. Any game where you can ride chocobos is going to get our blood pumping. Not in a weird way. Maybe in a bit of a weird way. Here’s a trailer.

The game is going to be free to play when it launches. You’re going to need at least an iPhone 6s to play it, or an iPad with at least 2GB of RAM. And you’ll need to be running iOS 13 or higher. So we hope you’ve got those things.

If you want to pre-register for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier on the App Store you can do it by clicking here. For more information on the game, click here to check out its official website.