‘N.Y.Zombies 2’ and ‘Final Run’ Both Benefit from Dead Cool New Updates!

The new n’ improved N.Y.Zombies 2 deserves a second chance…

When Foursaken Media’s N.Y.Zombies 2 lurched onto the App Store recently, it was met with a fairly underwhelming reception from fans of the series and critics alike. However, rather than meekly admit defeat and focus on their next project, N.Y.Z 2‘s incredibly receptive developers have taken the abundance of feedback on-board and successfully dealt with the game’s issues in a massive new update.

“We’ve read every user and critical review and really hope to have fixed almost every issue we read about!,” says Foursaken’s Jamie Jackson. “The first update adds tons of fixes and features — most notably new control options, higher sensitivity, reworked iPad UI, collision fixes, better objective notifications, and tons more.”

You can check out a complete list of improvements over on N.Y.Z 2‘s App Store Page.

Final Run finally updated with Game Center integration and much more!

Another iOS zombie title that was just given a mightily impressive new update is Rotor Games’ driving game/survival horror hybrid, Final Run. New features include Game Center achievements, retina-enhanced visuals for iPhone 5 and iPad 3, new control schemes, and full support for Gamedock and 60beat controllers. Aside from that, Final Run 1.1 benefits from a whole bunch of bug fixes and minor improvements, for example, Rotor Games have tweaked the enemy AI during certain boss battles and added higher resolution textures in places.

Also a reminder from Rotor Games: “We have received multiple messages from people finding the control scheme difficult, you can change this under the controls menu in the options. You can completely mix and match different controls to create the scheme you like the most! Please contact us if you still find it difficult and have ideas or suggestions, we are always happy to listen to any feedback.”