Final Run: Vehicular Carnage in a Zombie-Filled, Post-Apocalyptic Future? Count Us In!

Dutch indie studio Rotor Games have been quietly tinkering away on their upcoming iOS debut, Final Run, since November 2010, and now development on this incredible looking vehicular combat game is finally entering the home stretch!

Due to race onto the App Store in mid-Febuary, Final Run promises to deliver a thrilling blend of vehicle-based explody action, zombie-slaughtering mayhem, and exploration set against the backdrop of a massive 3D world. Mindless violence and lush visuals are all well and good, but what about a story, you ask? Well, it sounds as if Rotor Games have come up trumps in the plot department too:

“In the near future, a catastrophic global epidemic has wiped out millions. Bordering the containment area lies the Gray Zone — a derelict no-man’s land. Final Run tells the story of Kurt and Lee, former members of the scavengers. This hardlined group of zombie killers and looters control most of the Gray Zone. After being double crossed by their former leader, Kurt and Lee plot to bomb their lab and take off with crucial research…”

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting an awesome, Mad Max meets Carmageddon vibe off this one. Check out some impressive in-game video footage below, and be sure to keep a close eye on Rotor Games’ official site and Twitter feed for more info in the lead-up to Final Run‘s release in the coming weeks.