Find out who won the spectacular prizes in Guns of Glory’s Glory Ambassador Competition

As part of the celebration of its three year anniversary, Guns of Glory held a competition with some truly remarkable prizes. The Glory Ambassador contest ran for a month and, after some long deliberation, Kings Group has revealed the winners and runners-up.

The competition was spread over three application phases and had more than 3000 entrants. The prizes for first place were a role as a Glory Ambassador, a highly valued position in the community, and $20,000. That went to the YouTuber Aevatrex. Second place bagged $10,000 and was awarded to YouTuber NotCasuals. The third place prize of $5000 went to another YouTuber, Keychain Gaming.

The Glory Ambassador competition was only part of the third anniversary celebrations. Players were encouraged to share self-made memes exploring the connections they’d made in the game on the Guns of Glory Facebook and Discord groups. There were also in-game events, including a limited edition castle skin that players could unlock.

Building community has always been a big part of the Guns of Glory ethos, and it’s going to remain integral to the game in the coming years. “We hope that through working with the Glory Ambassador, we will find new ways to connect with our amazing community. Three years is just the beginning for Guns of Glory, we hope that the game can last for years to come reaching our ten-year anniversary and beyond,” said the game’s publishing producer. 

Not heard of Guns of Glory? It’s a deep, tactical multiplayer RTS that’s set in a baroque fantasy world filled with muskets, steampunk airships and massive castles. You need to build your realm, gather resources and defend your holdings from other players and monstrous creatures.

You can grab the game right now from the App Store and Google Play Store for free, and it’s definitely worth checking out. To keep on top of everything happening with the game, make sure you follow the official Guns of Glory Facebook page.