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Find The Markers Dark Markery Guide (2023)

Are you struggling with fighting Dark Markery? Your worries can come to an end. We’ve created a Find The Marker Dark Markery guide, in order to help you with you overcome the boss. After this guide, you’ll be a Find The Markers pro.

Find The Markers is a part of the “Find The” sub-genre of Roblox games, inspired by Find The Domos. The game was created by the Roblox user Teapot. For more information about the game, join the game’s official Roblox group.

Find The Markers Dark Markery Guide

We’ll now dive into the guide, teaching you how to defeat the boss. We’ll split this guide up into a few different sections to make it easier to process.

Where Is Dark Markery?

For a game about finding Markers, Find The Markers is pretty detailed! Dark Markery is quite difficult to find, let alone beat. Not to worry! We’ll list some very specific instructions on how to find Dark Markery, all you have to do is follow them.

It should be noted that you must find and unlock the Foliage Marker before you can travel to the Dark Dimension.

  1. In the Candyland Area, go to the hot chocolate waterfall, and locate the safe behind it.
  2. Open the safe with the code “3882”, and collect the crowbar that’s inside.
  3. Return to spawn and go to the brown door that’s covered in decorations located next to a tree.
  4. Using the crowbar, get rid of the wood that covers the brown door, and walk inside.
  5. Once inside, you’ll fall down a hole. Complete the obstacle course found at the bottom of the hole.
  6. After the obstacle course, follow through under the archway until you reach a tower. On the back of the tower is a code that reads “EVILPURPLECHAINSAW”. After you’ve memorised this, return to spawn once more.
  7. Once you’re in spawn, head towards the forest. Within the forest, you’ll find a factory. Enter it and search for the Assembly Room.
  8. In the Assembly Room is a brown box which leads to the basement of the factory. Jump down.

Dimension Of Darkness

You’ve got through the first part, but there’s a little further to go before you can begin the boss battle.

  1. Travel to Mars by interacting with the rocket, found in the corner of the room.
  2. At the edge of the planet, you’ll find a sign that points downwards. Again, follow the sign, and further descend.
  3. You’ll land in some sort of a solar system. There, you’ll need to find and interact with a purple shape that reads “???” Doing this will take you to a new planet.
  4. Once at the new planet, walk towards a room that’s outlined with a purple rectangle upon the wall.
  5. Inside the room is a maze. Find your way through to the other side of the maze, where you’ll find yet another purple rectangle.
  6. In the next room, there’s a TV that requires a code. Luckily for you, you’ll know that the code is “EVILPURPLECHAINSAW”.
  7. Entering the code into the TV will finally take you to the Dimension of Darkness.

How To Beat Find The Markers Dark Markery

Once you arrive in the Dimension of Darkness, you’ll be confronted by Dark Markery. After a bit of dialogue, Dark Markery will soon come at you with their iconic purple chainsaw.

Whilst walking backwards, use every weapon you have to deal as much damage possible to the evil marker. Dark Markery will die pretty easily this way, but it’s a trick! The boss battle will continue…

After disappearing, chainsaws will fly at you from all angles in the small, purple arena. Try your best to avoid them, as contact with them will deal a significant amount of damage to you.

Whilst dodging the chainsaws, look to the wall above you, and you’ll see Dark Markery watching and controlling the chainsaws. Attack Dark Markery with a ranged weapon. Every now and then, they’ll dive-bomb to another side of the room, but make sure you keep attacking!

Eventually, Dark Markery’s health will deplete, and you’ll be able to collect the marker once and for all!

About The Game

Find The Markers is a part of the “Find The” sub-genre of Roblox games, inspired by Find The Domos. The game was created by the Roblox user Teapot. The game is a passion project from the developer, and has been in development since 2019.

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