The featured image for our Find The Markers Orb Order guide, featuring two markers looking concerned. The marker on the left is a beige colour, and the marker on the right is purple. In the middle of the screen is the Red Marker, who has arrows pointed towards them.

Find The Markers Orb Order (2023)

This article features our Find the Markers Orb Order guide. In this guide, we’ll go over the special pattern that’s required to collect the orbs, as well as all seven orb locations. Completing these steps will allow you to open the door to the dungeon in the Washable Kingdom map.

Find The Markers is a part of the “Find The” sub-genre of Roblox games, inspired by Find The Domos. The game was created by the Roblox user Teapot. For more information about the game, join the game’s official Roblox group.

Find The Markers Orb Order

We’ll now dive into our Find the Markers Orb Order guide. We’ll break this guide down into a few different steps to make reading it easier for you.

Find The Primrose Marker

To open the door to the dungeon, you must start right at the beginning by finding and collecting the Primrose Marker. Follow these simple steps in-order to find said marker…

  1. Go to the Washable Kingdom map
  2. When you spawn in, turn to your left, and head towards the small wooden buildings with striped roofs that stand on a yellow surface
  3. Go towards the end row of wooden buildings, and go to the one with the brown/grey striped roof
  4. Inside this stall is the Primrose marker

Talk To The Yellow Marker

After you’ve collected the Primrose Marker, you’ll want to go back to the game’s first lobby and talk to the Yellow Marker. The Yellow Marker is found inside of the “Be Olde Shop”.

When talking to the Yellow Marker, select “I’ve met one of your ancestors.” When the Yellow Marker asks you who, respond with “Primrose Marker.” Next, select “huh?”

The Yellow Marker will take you round the back of their shop, where there’s a chart on the wall. We recommend that you take a screenshot of the chart so that you can easily refer back to it later.

Orb Order

Now that you have the chart, you can leave the Yellow Marker, and return to the Washable Kingdom to begin your Orb hunt. Below, we’ll list the order of the orbs.

  1. Orange
  2. Purple
  3. Yellow
  4. Cyan
  5. White
  6. Red
  7. Blue

Orb Locations

Now that you’ve got the order of the Orbs, you’re probably wondering where you can find them. Below, we’ll detail where each of them are.

Orange Orb: In the swamp in the corner of the map, jump down the pond that’s closest to the grey wall. You’ll drop down to the Orange Orb’s location.

Purple Orb: Behind you when you spawn in Washable Kingdom, you’ll see a yellow portal near the edge of the map. To the left of the portal is the Purple Orb.

Yellow Orb: Opposite the stall where you find the Primrose Marker.

Cyan Orb: In the dark forest that’s covered in cyan mushrooms.

White Orb: At the top of the front-right tower of the castle in-front of spawn.

Red Orb: When facing the front of the castle from spawn, go to the right. Leaning against the grey, stone ramp, you’ll find the Red Orb.

Blue Orb: Continue up the stone ramp where you found the Red Orb, and follow it up to the top. The Blue Orb can be found inside the cave at the top.

Once you’ve activated all Orbs in the correct order, the dungeon door in the cave will open. Inside, you can find the Sunlight, Mimic, and Foliage Markers.

About The Game

Find The Markers is a part of the “Find The” sub-genre of Roblox games, inspired by Find The Domos. The game was created by the Roblox user Teapot. The game is a passion project from the developer, and has been in development since 2019.

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