First Look: 9mm, Gameloft get Gritty.

Gameloft popped off a trailer today for a new game entitled 9mm. Typically, this tantalizing first-look is heavy on stylish cutscenes and light on actual in-game footage. Still, that hasn’t stopped tongues from wagging…

Speculation is rife all over the interwebs as to whether the upcoming 9mm might be a grittier and more adult successor to Gameloft’s GTA influenced Gangstar series or a hardboiled, action flick-inspired third-person shooter in a similar vein to Max Payne . For what it’s worth, my money is on the latter, based off the bullet time-y effects, seedy settings and hard-ass-cop-on-the-edge premise hinted at by the teaser trailer.

It ain’t safe for work and parental guidance is advised when viewing the video below as it’s pretty full-on, F-bombs are dropped left, right and center in its hip-hop soundtrack and scantily clad laydeez abound. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more news on 9mm as we get it!