First Look: Aqua Panic (New Trailer)

Originally released on the PSP, Aqua Panic is a terrific (and addictively aggravating) puzzler that will have you using a variety of water-manipulating tools to guide a school of fish to safety. If you ever were a fan of Lemmings, you will love Aqua Panic.

From the press release: Despite its overtly cute appearance, the game is deep and addicting. At times some of the puzzles can be simply brain bustingly challenging and as such are a blast to tackle. Each layout provides a unique series of challenges to players, and tackling the environment by deciding how to manipulate the flow and direction the fish to safety is a fun and satisfying experience. In the end you will find yourself quickly trying to best your own score as well as those of your friends on Game Center.


  • Up to 80 levels and 8000 wispy fish to rescue.
  • HD graphics on iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone/iPod.
  • Five fun and colorful environments: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Inferno!
  • Narcoleptic sharks, hungry seagulls, sliding penguins and other giant moray.
  • More than 10 tools to master: bombs, plants, harpoons, fans, attractors, and various devices to freeze water, collect fish or create clouds .
  • Game Center compatible.

Aqua Panic is due to hit the App Store on the 1st of December. We’ll have a full review and (fish) fingers crossed a promo code giveaway on release!