First Look: Bladeslinger, An Upcoming 3D Brawler with Uber-sharp Graphics!

Hot Damn! No sooner than one eye-strokingly gorgeous Unity-powered game hits the App Store another is announced. Which is perfectly fine by me, because now that Shadowgun is sitting comfortably on my iPod Touch’s home screen, I need an equally enticing new title to while away my days obsessing over. Luma Arcade’s Bladeslinger more than fits the bill. Watch the jaw-dropping teaser trailer and gaze longingly at some more super purty screenshots below.

Set in a dystopian alternate future (is there any other kind?), Bladeslinger will charter the action-packed exploits of one William Glaston, who returns home after many years at war only to find his hometown has gone to rack and ruin in his absence and is over-run with ghastly, bloodthirsty mutants. Poor guy… lucky us, though!

According to the blurb on the newly launched, players can expect to enjoy fast-paced 3rd-person action brawler style gameplay set against the backdrop of a detailed, rich universe. The developers also make mention of a variety of upgradable weapons and abilities, a rich narrative, and hours of unique gameplay, along with multiple levels of re-playability; so it would seem they’re going for substance as well as style with this one.

Speaking of style, Bladeslinger’s first trailer has got it in spades. However, like all the best teasers, it throws up way more questions that it actually answers. For example: ‘Can the gameplay actually live up to those freaking awesome visuals?’ ‘Is this gonna be on-rails?’ ‘Hey Luma, is that some manner of mechanical arm type thingamajig with razor sharp finger blades Glaston’s sporting in the video?’ and ‘Which game will boast a cooler rendition of a post-apocalyptic Wild West, this or Warm Gun?!

We won’t have to wait too long to find out because Bladeslinger is due to arrive on the App Store before the year’s end. As I say, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this game’s progress, so stay tuned for more info as it trickles out of Luma Arcade.