First Look: Bug Heroes

Foursaken Media (N.Y.Zombies) have just released more tantalizing details and a second teaser trailer for their sophomore effort, upcoming dual stick shooter/RPG/castle defense game, Bug Heroes. It’s a short introduction to the three heroes you play as in the game, each with their own strengths, weakness, abilities, and equipment. Think A Bug’s Life meets The Expendables.

Bug Heroes combines the tried and true dual stick shooter control setup with an innovative mix of RPG and castle defense elements. Players can freely switch between 3 heroes — at any time on the battlefield — each with their own strengths, weaknesses, skills and equipment. With over 20 enemy types, there will be a ton of depth and strategy in how players will manage their heroes vs. which types of enemies, and a huge variety in how people can choose to play.

Additionally gamers will have to constantly defend their stash of food, upgrading it with turrets and resupplying its food levels by scouring the environments for food. Players will also have the ability to accept side quests and play through various mission types beyond the simple run and gun gamers are used to, exploring interesting environments in a totally new perspective.

Bug Heroes is currently in mid-development; stay tuned for more news as we get it and, of course, a full review on release.