First Look: ‘Death Road to Canada’


Have you ever dreamt of leading a team of five dogs, riding about in a rad muscle car, to victory against a never ending zombie horde when the apocalypse finally one day happens? Would you like a randomly generated Roguelike world to scrounge about for supplies, filled with NPCs both random – and sometimes special, complete with their own plotlines – to meet and recruit? Would you like to furthermore need to manage the interpersonal conflicts of your team to ensure they don’t kill each other long before the zombies do, done via conversation trees?

darkroomIf you said yes to any of the above questions then Rocketcat Games, makers of Punch Quest (our review), have just the project in store for you in the form of Death Road to Canada. Don’t worry, the all dog team part is totally optional – the game will start you off with a human lead, after all – but you can certainly pave the way for a dominance of canine kind if you should choose to do so. Naturally, all of this will be presented with the same pixel-art panache that the developer became famous for from all of their previously well-received titles already on the iOS marketplace.

However – like with many indie developer projects right now – there is only one way that such a rad concept is going to ever see the light of day, and that is if people back the currently in progress Kickstarter. Rocketcat Games – in order to make all of this madness come true – will need a mere $25k to fully pave the way for survivors in a zombie apocalypse attempting to reach better lands in Canada, of which a staggering $22k has already been secured. All one needs to donate so as to get in on this action – netting themself a copy in the process – is a mere $10, which further gains them the ability to participate in a variety of polls that will help shape the final product’s form.

threegroupParticularly generous donators will not just get access to the game itself, but will also have the chance to be immortalized within the randomly generated zombie apocalypse in a wide variety of ways. There are tiers that let you write randomly encounterable graffiti messages; tiers that have your pet appear in the game, so that they might be recruited and taught the ways of warfare; or even tiers where you yourself appear as a unique story-event based NPC. In fact – if you act fast – the ‘Graffiti’ tier reward is currently available at an early bird special discount, letting you leave aerosol based words of wisdom upon the world for a full $100 less than it will be for Johnny-Come-Latelies.

Surely the zombie filled path to Canada is a treacherous one, but I am positive that with enough backers – and a pack of shotgun wielding beagles – the people over at Rocketcat Games will be able to produce something amazing!