First Look: Desert Zombie: Last Stand

Unreal Engine! So hot right now! And what with Infinity Blade reportedly raking in $10 million thus far, it’s little wonder iOS developers are falling over themselves to turn out the next UE3-powered App Store blockbuster (check out last month’s exhaustive preview for more). The latest really, really ridiculously good looking title to crop up on iFanzine’s radar is Desert Zombie: Last Stand.

Billed as a premium gaming experience (whatever that means), boasting gritty, high-tech warfare against a diabolically strategic and effective army of zombies, Desert Zombie: Last Stand is certainly an intriguing prospect. Screenshots recently posted on the game’s official Facebook page give us our first glimpse of the intricately detailed undead grunts we’ll be fighting against and weaponry like pistols, assault rifles and a machine gun turret, while showcasing the scuzzy desert village setting that the majority of the action would seem to be set against.

Typically, the teaser trailer doesn’t feature any in-game footage and additional details about Desert Zombie are few and far between – for example, is this gonna be a full-blown FPS or more of an “on-rails” arcade style experience? – but my interest has been piqued all the same and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this one. How about you?

ETA:  July 2011