Dwarf Quest, A Dungeon Crawler 20 Years in the Making, Hits the App Store Tomorrow!

Indie developer Dylan Nagel aka Wild Card Games’ retro-style dungeon crawler Dwarf Quest is all set to stomp onto the App Store tomorrow, August 24th.

Interestingly, Dwarf Quest is a remake of something Dylan first did 20 years ago, when he was in highschool. In the image up top you can see a screenshot from the original game and another from the soon to be released iOS re-do (that’s the shiny new version on the right, just in case you were confused!).

Given its roots, Dwarf Quest promises to be a fun throwback to classic 90’s dungeon crawlers. Expect turn-based battles aplenty, boss encounters, loads of treasure to collect and more as you guide titular dwarven warrior Morrin Firebeard (great name) through a series of danger-fraught dungeons on a quest to take down the undead wizard Azar. Check out the launch trailer below, and swing by the game’s official site for more info.