First Look: Forest Guardians, A Free Tower Defense Title from the Makers of GooMonsters!

Digitally Bold — best known around these parts for their stylish top down slash ’em up GooMonsters — are busy putting the finishing touches to a brand new iOS title, Forest Guardians.

Set to hit the App Store later this month as a free download (yay!), Forest Guardians promises to deliver a “character and story driven take on tower defense wrapped in a RPG-style package.” Digitally Bold seem particularly keen to stress the fact that Forest Guardians’ unique gameplay will help it to stand out from the droves of other tower defense games already available on the App Store:

“As you advance, enemies in this game don’t simply run through the level. The may team up to heal one another, increase speed during attacks, spawn helpers, transform, or even selfishly steal the health of their allies. Likewise building your tower is just the start of setting up your defense. Each tower can be augmented indefinitely with seven different ECOs (Essence Combined Orbs), each of which has it’s own special abilities. If towers aren’t enough, faeries are also there to help you along. And there is a detailed path upgrade system for elevating each “guardian” to tower defense domination.”

Intriguing, right? Check out a teaser trailer below, and be sure to swing by Digitally Bold’s official site to feast your eyes on some more Forest Guardians video footage and screen shots.