First Look: Foursaken Media’s N.Y.Zombies 2

Thanks to pumping out a steady stream of excellent games over the past couple of years, including Mad Chef and the Bug Heroes series, Foursaken Media have earned themselves a reputation as one of the best and brightest independent studios currently making games for iOS.

Now Foursaken are going back to where it all began — a ruinous, zombie-infested New York City — for a follow-up to their 2010 breakout hit, N.Y.Zombies. Judging by the recently released teaser trailer (see below), it looks like the folks at Foursaken definitely subscribe to the idea that a sequel should be much bigger and much better than its predecessor. And how!

“I know we’re going to be competing with the idea of just another zombie game,” says Foursaken Media’s Jamie Jackson, “but we think we’ve got so much content and depth that NYZ2 will stand above most others!” He’s definitely not kidding: “NYZ2 introduces co-op multiplayer, free-roam, incredible graphics, huge environments, intense action, RPG elements, an epic story, and much more! Players will be able to explore an abandoned New York City, customize their characters with different skills, and team up with their friends!”

NYZ2 is set to shuffle into its beta testing phase soon, and will hit the App Store later this year. In the meantime, be sure to follow Foursaken Media on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the latest NYZ2 developments.