First Look: ‘Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora’ — The Psuedo-sequel to ‘Jones On Fire’


Do you remember when earlier this year that we here at iFanzine reviewed Jones on Fire (our review), the debut – heavily kitten centric – game by the fine people over at Glass Bottom Games? Hopefully your answer happened to take the form of yes, seeing as how we gave the title – and its cubist styled endless kitten saving action – a very commendable five out of five score. If – however – you happened to say no to the preceding query, fear not for there is still time for you to purchase the app and learn unequivocally that kittens are cute and should be saved.

hot-tin-roofThis time around the people at Glass Bottom Games have an even bigger adventure in the works, one combining both elements of Metroidvania style exploration and mystery noir motifs. This title they had dubbed Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora, a game where Jones – now a detective instead of a firefighter – must solve the mystery behind a grisly series of murders. With the help of her partner Francine – the only cat to ever don a fedora and become an investigator – Jones will talk to various witness, all while collecting new bullet types for her almighty revolver.

Since Emma Jones doesn’t have access to Samus Aran’s power armor, it will be these various cartridge types she finds that will increase her mighty repertoire of abilities over time. As things progress she will obtain bullets that let her perform knockbacks, firework shots that can serve as distractions and also set oil aflame, grapping hook shots that will enable her to scale up buildings, and much more. She will also eventually discover a collection of revolvers with ever larger ammo chambers, because no detective ever wants to have to awkwardly reload in the middle of a firefight with a no good dirty rat (who actually happens to be a rat).

81a65355ee74b775fc28c576ef0c3042_largeThe catch is that – in order to keep the fires burning at home long enough to finish such a project – they’re going to need to a sum of $20k in order to continue development, which brings us to their recent Kickstarter campaign. Obvious backer rewards will include the usual game download codes, as well as various trinkets such as posters – pin sets – and even a coffee table book of concept art for Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora. The more exotic rewards – for particularly generous donators – will include the ability to be immortalized in the adventure as a gangster, the opportunity to help design a mission in the game, or even access to Hot Tin Roof’s entire source code once it’s completed.

For everyone out there who has always secretly believed that a fedora wearing cat – going by the moniker of Franky – would obviously be the greatest idea for an Metroidvania inspired game ever, you now know where to begin pledging your money.