First Look: Hungry Helga (& New Trailer!)

Brilliantly described as being “better than Justin Bieber cuddling kittens”, is the hilarious new trailer for indie developer Grid Monsters upcoming iPhone and iPad title Hungry Helga.

Billed as a fast-paced action game, Hungry Helga tasks players with keeping a demanding Viking woman happy. Gameplay will involve bombing fish with cannonballs, contending with ravenous sharks and sea-gulls, and avoiding incurring the wrath of the titular Helga.

Key Features:

● Simple but addictive gameplay
● Progressive difficulty with faster fish and other obstacles
● A unique superpower in each scene
● Changing scenery and weather
● Fun art and animation with original music
● Players can listen to their own music while playing too
● Local leaderboard
● Hungry Helga HD compatible with iPad
● Hungry Helga compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch (retina display ready)

More news as we get it, and in the meantime feast your eyes on the trailer. Still haven’t had your fill of Helga? Well, then head over to the official Hungry Helga blog, where the developer is keeping a detailed diary of the game’s progress, stuffed with info, screenshots, and other goodies. ETA: October 2010.