First Look: Invader Eliminator, More Retro Awesomeness from Underground Pixel!

True to form, Underground Pixel’s next game will A) introduce us to a wonderfully weird main character B) be built around a simple yet incredibly addictive gameplay hook and C) boast beautiful retro-style graphics and a jammin’ chiptune soundtrack. In other words, if you enjoyed the old-school sensibilities of Pastry Panic and Holiday Havoc, get ready to go nuts for Invader Eliminator.

Now, Invader Eliminator isn’t due out until next January, but that hasn’t stopped Underground Pixel’s Kevin Drew from cranking up the ol’ hype machine a little early and sharing some juicy details about the upcoming title along with an intriguing snippet of alpha gameplay footage:

“You control a genetically engineered mutant created on a secret U.S. government space station located on the moon. When the spaceship is suddenly threatened by an alien invasion, the mutant must use his enhanced abilities of strength, speed, and agility to fight off the masses.

Your character travels counter-clockwise around the screen and attempts to avoid the never-ending swarms. Running into an alien results in an automatic game over. Players can tap the screen to flip to the opposite side of the screen to avoid an alien in front of them, smash an alien on the other side, or both. By smashing aliens, they can’t kill you later on and you also score a point each. Score combo points by smashing bunches at once. Power-ups pop up randomly to help the player reach new high scores.

You can also unlock multiple playable guest characters by completing objectives. Player upgrades are also planned and may be unlocked via earned EXP or collected coins.”

Sounds pretty cool, right? Keep an eye on Underground Pixel’s site and Twitter feed for additional info in the run-up to next year’s launch.