First Look: Means of Escape

So you guys are looking forward to all the Unreal Engine-powered games on their way to the App Store, eh? Okay, here’s another worth keeping an eye on. While digging around for details about Desert Zombie: Last Stand yesterday, I discovered Pub Games, one of the games studios involved with that title, are also hard at work on an intriguing platformer/puzzle game set to debut on PC and iPad later this year.

Again developed using Epic’s Unreal Development Kit, the upcoming game is entitled Means of Escape and is described as a “forward-planning puzzle platformer.” The PC game appears to be well into development while Pub are also prepping an iOS version.

“In Means of Escape, players must guide the out-of-control suit (and its hapless occupant) through to safety, using both puzzle and twitch-gaming skills to negotiate the hazardous environments. The game’s unfortunate protagonist, Terrence, has purchased the latest model of the Means Of Escape evacuation suit (MOE) – the latest must-have corporate gadget of the near future. CEOs and VIPs invest in the suit as a form of personal protection, but little does Terrence know the suit often causes more trouble than it solves! As a result, Terrence will have to suffer the suit’s over-zealous fits of mayhem and carnage whenever it deems he is in danger – players control the suit by placing actions for the suit to perform in advance.

Rather than control the MOE suit in the traditional platforming sense, players must place actions for the suit to perform in advance, dropping markers to jump, slide, and shoot rockets throughout the environment.

Source: ETA: tba