First Look: Moral Decay (8-bit Jesus Platformer!)

What do you get if you cross Jesus Christ with John Rambo? Well, if – and it’s a big if – Apple gives their blessing to Infinite Lives’ upcoming side-scrolling shooter, it looks like iPhone gamers will find out this Fall.

Entitled Moral Decay, the game is set to star gun-toting, bad-ass vigilante as its hero, and boasts an unconventional plot (to say the least): “Chris T. has risen from the grave to stop a terrorist plot, and restore peace and justice to the world. Guide Chris T. as he battles Yakuza goons, wild animals, aliens, and the Dark Lord himself!” Mmm, sacrilegious… GameCenter achievements and leaderboards have also been confirmed by the developer.

Controversy aside, Moral Decay is shaping up to be deliriously entertaining slice of old-school, Contra style action. And Amen to that.