First Look: Non Flying Soldiers

It’s hard not to be impressed by Blue Shadow Games’ cheerful willingness to tackle wildly different genres and fresh ideas with each and every new game they bring to the App Store. True to form, the indie studio’s latest, Non Flying Soldiers, shares little in common with past efforts like Naught and Death Cop Mechanical Unit, but promises to be an entertaining and unique title in its own right.

Non Flying Soldiers will task players with guiding a platoon of avian soldiers through hazard-strewn stages by using a variety of outlandish contraptions to circumvent traps and obstacles. In addition to 40 levels and three campaigns worth of challenging logic-based puzzles, Non Flying Soldiers will come packing a bonus retro-themed shoot ’em up mode and unlockables such as game artwork, cinematic movies, and a music soundtrack.

This great looking game is due to swoop onto the App Store in the coming weeks, and will be published by Chillingo. While you wait for it to arrive, be sure to check out both Chillingo and Blue Shadow Games‘ sites for more info. Oh, and if you fancy wrapping your listening gear around the game’s rousing soundtrack, it’s already available to download here — enjoy!