First Look: Puppet War FPS

What’s that you say? A FPS with no an aliens, zombies, Nazis, or even Nazi zombies from outer space?! Sacrilege!

You’d be forgiven for thinking Twindigo have lost the plot seeing as they’ve decided to replace the usual suspects with what look to be extras from the cast of Sesame Street. But then again this ain’t your run of the mill First Person Shooter – it’s a First Puppet Shooter.

Yup, you read that right. Puppet. As the hero of this surreal shoot ’em up, a TV studio janitor, it’s up to you to don your trusty yellow Marigolds, arm yourself to the teeth, and attempt to wipe the floor with an army of cute and cuddly killers hellbent on world domination. Here’s the pitch: “Puppet War is a 3d fps for the iPhone/iPod in which all the puppets of a beloved kids show have gone evil and decided to take over the world…starting with killing you! You have to survive waves of crazy puppets attacking you, earn money to buy stronger weapons and reach harder levels to unlock more powerful ones.”

As if shooting the stuffing out of ramaging hordes of Elmo-esque enemies didn’t already sound like a barrel of laughs, Twindigo have also thrown in an unusual arsenal of weaponry for good measure. Meaning as well as the usual assortment of guns and grenades, we’ll get to massacre marionettes with a chainsaw, a pair of nose pincers, and more! Other notable features include fully destructable environments and a wide range of puppet enemies with different abilities.

Be sure to check out the official Puppet War blog for more info – including an excellent exploding head test! And stay tuned for iFanzine‘s full review of this Sesame Street satirizing FPS very soon…