First Look — Razor: Salvation

Over the weekend we had a chance to blast some alien hordes in an early development build of Razor: Salvation, courtesy of Blowfish Studios and Crescent Moon Games — the same team who brought Siegecraft to the App Store last year. Blowfish’s return to iOS has you riding shotgun in the last taxi out of a near-future Earth overrun by aliens. Good thing you’re packing some serious heat!

As a beachhead defense-style First Person Shooter, Salvation pins you in the center of 360° battlefields where you swipe around to get a visual on friendly passengers, alien footsoldiers and deadly contraptions pouring in from every angle. Like the commander of an Alamo that can blast off at any second, your job is to beat back the siege as long as you can and maximize your passenger collection. Human survivors are easily distinguished from mutated peers and other enemies thanks to their bright yellow hazmat suits, but on the downside, that makes them easy pickings for laser-toting aliens.

Being pounded from every direction and protecting civilians is just the start of the challenge in Salvation — you have to carefully manage your ammo too. A minigun and heavy-hitting autocannon are your mainstays thanks to their infinite ammo, but clip reload times will have you constantly switching off to keep the suppressing fire hot and heavy. Additional hardware include mortars, rockets, grenades and a railgun, with all weapons and the dropship itself upgradable via reward cash. If at first you don’t succeed, try again with a vengeance!

None other than Sean Beeson is providing an orchestral score for Salvation, and that alone should tell you Blowfish and Crescent Moon are going for quality here. We’re still waiting for a final confirmation of the dropship landing date, but you should keep an eye on Blowfish’s blog, Twitter and Facebook page, plus CM’s Twitter feed, for the very latest.