First Look: Slashear, a Wildly Imaginative and Ambitious Upcoming Action Game!

Indie developer Maxim Kupriyanov dropped iFanzine a line recently to spill the beans on Slashear — a massively intriguing new mobile game he and his partner are currently hard at work on.

What really grabbed my attention about this upcoming title is its outlandish premise, which is probably best described as a pop-culture riffing spin on Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.

According to Maxim, Slashear will center around the exploits and adventures of a little boy who, inspired by all the superhero and action movies he watches, turns into a wolf costume-wearing, baseball bat-wielding hero in his daydreams and battles hordes of evil bunnies that — get this — are all styled after characters from famous flicks. Seriously, guiding a kid protagonist through his wacky, movie-fueled imaginings, thwacking the heck out of cute lil’ bunnies dressed up as Spider-Man and Stormtroopers, sounds like an insane amount of fun, right?

Slashear’s first gameplay trailer (see below) showcases the kind of mad-cap action, colorful visual style and playfully drawn characters we can expect from the finished game, while also giving us a few brief glimpses of great-looking Star Wars and Avatar inspired in-game environments.

Maxim and co. are planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign in the near future to help raise the funds needed to make final improvements and additions like new levels, hits, animations, and so forth ahead of release. All going well, they reckon Slashear should hit iOS and Android devices within the next few months. We will, of course, keep an ear out for any more information about this awesome looking game. In the meantime, be sure to swing by Slashear’s official site and Facebook page to check out more video footage and screenshots.