First Look: Vikings can Fly!

Forget zombies and doodles, it looks as if Vikings are gonna be the next App Store sensation! Well, Forge 11 certainly seem to think so, as they’re leading the charge with the absolutely gorgeous looking Vikings can Fly! This amazing arcade game is set to sail into the App Store this December, in the meantime check out the hilarious teaser trailer! 

From the press release: In Vikings Can Fly! you play as Bjorn, a young viking inventor with an incredible passion for women and a laboratory full of weird machineries. He never created something really useful to his people because he has always been too busy running after young ladies. He casually met a valkyrie that was bathing by a waterfall and he suddenly felt in love with her. She obviously ran away leaving a sweet perfume trail along her path. Bjorn’s dream is to find her flying through the nine worlds of the Norse Gods to reach Asgard!


  • A huge sidescrolling world based on the Norse Cosmology, with its mythological “nine homeworlds” unified by the world tree Yggdrasill
  • 11 legendary places to discover
  • 4 flight skills to master to bring your art to the next level
  • Chance to buy materials and create new inventions with the gold earned during flights
  • 12 items to use to boost flying experience
  • Full support for Game Center
  • 44 Achievements to unlock