First Look: Zombies: City of the Dead

Like Laurel and Hardy, spaghetti and meatballs, or Mario and Luigi, the world is full of things that go well together. Zombie games and iPhone are another such match made in heaven. Or should that be hell?. Anyhow, here’s another title which will pit the player against hordes of undead worth keeping a watchful eye on.

It goes by the working title of Zombies: City of the Dead, and promises to deliver an unparalelled Left 4 Dead-esque experience on iDevice. Even in its unfinished state (the project is still only a few weeks into development), Rocking Pockets Games‘ upcoming survival horror/First-person shooter already looks bloody brilliant.

The talented developer had this to say: “I’m going to try to make it an RPG like GTA IV with quests. You’ll have your apartment as a home base, different shops to purchase items and weapons. You’ll have to explore and complete quests to get cash.” Sounds like an incredibly ambitious and fully-fleshed horror game to me! If all goes to plan, City of the Dead is bound to strike a chord with fans of NYZombies, Undead: In The Last Refuge and Dead Strike.

No release date or ETA has been set for Zombies: City of the Dead as of yet, but Rocking Pockets have unvieled a batch of early screenshots and an intriguing delelopment video. Stay tuned for more news on this game as it shuffles in.