Fishlabs Announces Galaxy on Fire 2 – Supernova

Fishlabs were just in touch to let us know Galaxy on Fire 2 (one of our all-time favorite games here at iFanzine) is to receive its second massive content expansion in the coming months.

Entitled “Supernova,” the upcoming add-on is set to pick up where the brilliant GoF2: Valkyrie left off and will again focus on the exploits of dare-devil space adventurer and mercenary Keith T. Maxwell. The press release we received promises a gripping story centered around the ongoing struggle between the Nivelian Republic and the Midorian Confederation which boils over when a gigantic supernova, which seems to be of unnatural origin, threatens to destroy the whole Mido sector and its inhabitants, an extensive set of new missions, the return of fan favorite characters Khador, Alice and shady drug dealer Mkkt Bkkt and, of course, new space ships, weapons systems and a host of high-tech gadgets too.

Here’s a great quote from Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade, detailing more of what fans can expect from Supernova: “(It) will not only be more cinematic and more varied, but also at least twice as long as Valkyrie. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the writing of the complex new storyline, which includes a lot of new mission types and makes for a truly outstanding gaming experience. But also the graphics and the sound design will be absolutely top-notch! When it comes to Supernova, the name really is the game!”

Supernova is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2012 — and if Valkyrie is anything to go by — will likely retail for in and around $4.99 as an In-App Purchase from the main game.