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Flying Tank Is A New Side-Scrolling Shooter By The Developers Of Robotek

Hexage, the indie game studio, just rolled out a new game for iOS users. It’s called Flying Tank and is a side-scrolling shooter where you get to beat down monstrous aliens and save the planet. Hexage has a pretty cool track record with games like Ritual: Sorcerer Angel, REDCON, Reaper: Tale of Pale Swordsman, Radiant Defense and Robotek. Now they’ve added Flying Tank to that list.

Developed by David Peroutka, it’s free to play and offers in-app purchases for deluxe items. It’s pretty handy that the game works with Bluetooth controllers for extra control. Also, it doesn’t even need an internet connection to play. Before I tell you more about it, take a quick peek at the trailer below!

Shoot With The Flying Tank

In the game, you get 24 levels to play through, packed with different kinds of space creeps that’ll keep you on your toes. Right now, there are six big bosses to take down. You also get a bunch of other boss fights.

You can load up your tank with all kinds of nifty upgrades, from Bullet-Time and Overdrive skills to Drones. There’s a total of over 30 different power-ups that you can slap onto your tank to crank up the firepower. With all the customizable weapons, powers and perks you can choose from, your tank can really pack a punch in a way that fits your style.

There’s a nice selection of tanks with different speeds, sizes and armours. Flying Tank has some really eye-catching graphics, with levels full of bright, neon colours. The locations are quite cool, too. You’ll be battling in wastelands, above the ocean, under the moon on a night mission and more.

There’s a bit of a story going on as well. If you’ve played other Hexage games, you’ll catch some familiar references. So if you’re into shooter games, give the game a shot. Head to the App Store, and get your hands on it now.

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