Following a Modestly Successful Kickstarter Campaign, SoftStorms’ ‘Go Pharaoh!’ Is a Go


It can — with so many projects getting funded left and right every single day on Kickstarter — sometimes prove difficult to stay on top of everything, as was the case with SoftStorms’ successfully funded Go Pharaoh! Launched back in June, the Connecticut based game developers requested $6,000 in development capital with which to bring their board game/mobile app concept off the drawing board and into the realm of reality. Although not necessarily done with flying colors, the group did raise their required amount — to the tune of precisely $6,001 — by the time their Kickstarter project came to an end on July 11th.

Now players everywhere, whether or not they have mobile devices, will be able to take on the role of a pharaoh — rushing around the Nile — as they strive to be the first to finish their own personal burial pyramid (seems a bit macabre, when you think about it). However — despite what one might think — getting yourself properly dead and buried isn’t as easy as it might initially sound, as players will have to deal will all sorts of dangers including: plagues, crocodiles, cobras, and more! Although players can upgrade their chariots to keep these lesser dangers at bay, everyone playing needs to watch out whenever any of the game’s 74 different rule changing “QURSE? Qards” get drawn.

The game will contain modifiable end game goals to allow for strategic play sessions that last anywhere from under thirty minutes, to far deeper sessions that could take many hours to complete. While the physical board game will naturally require people to exclusively play against nearby opponents, those with Go Pharaoh!’s mobile edition can also tackle against challengers from Facebook — Game Center — and even the app’s AI! When playing online players will be able to represent themselves using one of the game’s twelve fully customizable “Pharaohz” avatars, with an equal assortment of male and female “Pharaohz” options being selectable. Furthermore — beyond merely providing players with engaging tactical game play — the app edition will also contain educational value, with optional pop-ups offering real world information on everything referenced.

Anyways — assuming that everything goes as intended — SoftStorms plans for both Go Pharaoh!’s mobile app, as well as the physical board game edition, to be completed and shipped out to gamers everywhere sometime early next year.