Footprint Games Scaring Up Funds for ‘The Apeiron Project’ on Indiegogo

tshirtthFootprint Games have just launched an Indiegogo campaign with the intention of scaring up some additional funding for the development of their ambitious iOS and Android-bound psychological horror game The Apeiron Project (previously known as Shattered Memories: Dream).

Achieving their target of $15,000 on the crowd-funding site will allow Footprint Games to drastically speed up the production process and bring The Apeiron Project to more platforms, such as PC and Mac. Rewards for backers include copies of the game and its soundtrack on CD, unique hand-drawn artworks, t-shirts featuring The Apeiron Project’s creepy Donnie Darko-esque antagonist, “The Rabbit” (pictured above), and much, much more.

While the Indiegogo campaign seems more geared towards getting the PC version of The Apeiron Project ready for prime time, Footprint Games’ Andrea Marsili is keen to point out that the company still has big plans for the iOS and Android iterations of the game too — and that they want to ensure they look just as good as the PC version. To that end, the mobile version of the game will be divided into three chapters, and users will be also able to change graphical settings (like in PC games), to make it look better on powerful devices, according to a recent post on Slide DB.

Check out Footprint Games’ Twitter feed and Indiegogo page for more details. And here’s some early footage of the game in action: