Footprint Unveil Freaky Promo Art for New Horror Game, ‘Shattered Memories: Dream’

While I don’t normally suffer from Leporiphobia, I must admit the maliciously grinning, crazy-eyed bunny rabbit in the opposite image unnerves the heck out of me! The freaky pic is one of a pair of promotional shots indie studio Footprint Games sent us today to tease their upcoming psychological horror game, Shattered Memories: Dream.

Set for a release on both iOS and Android at some point “later this year,” Shattered Memories: Dream will center around a solitary protagonist, Steven, who awakens in an eerily abandoned manor with no recollection of how he got there. This being a horror game, as you explore the dank depths of the manor in search of an exit, you’ll come face to face with “Steven’s childhood fear and an obscure presence from his past.” (Which may or may not be the floppy-eared terror pictured above, I guess).

Footprint’s Andrea Marsili had this to add: “Shattered Memories:Dream won’t be a traditional adventure game, I can say that it’s more Dear Esther and less Broken Sword… but there will be a lot of interaction in the game, a lot of letters and even different memories to explore.”

If you’re as intrigued by Shattered Memories: Dream as we are, be sure to keep a watchful eye on Footprint Games’ Twitter feed and blog in the coming weeks.