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Fortnite Once Again Crosses Over With Avengers for New LTM Featuring Thanos

Fortnite has once again teamed up with Marvel to bring Avengers content to the smash hit battle royale. There’s a new LTM, Fortnite: Endgame, that brings Thanos back to the game.

Endgame pits one team as Thanos’s Chitauri and the other as the heroes. As Chitauri, you have to collect Infinity Stones that provide health bonuses. As the heroes, you’ve got to murder all of the Chitauri.

Fortnite: Endgame Sees the Chitauri Battle Against the Heroes

Heroes can respawn indefinitely until all Infinity Stones are collected. If they defeat all the Chitauri before they’re collected, the heroes win. The Chitauri have to collect all Infinity Stones then defeat the heroes to win.

The first Chitauri to collect an Infinity Stone turns into Thanos himself though, adding a nice twist to the new mode. Thanos will receive buffs for every single Infinity Stone collected too, growing in power as the game progresses.

Heroes get to use one of the Avenger’s legendary weapons though, including Thor’s Hammer and Captain America’s Shield. You can only use one of these per battle, but that should even the odds nicely.

It sounds like an intensely fun mode that brings the Avengers franchise back to Fortnite in a fresh and unique way. We’re also pleased to see Thanos return, as it was a lot of fun playing as him during the Infinity War event.

So head on over to the App Store right now and grab Fortnite and the new LTM mode. If you love Avengers, it’s well worth checking out.