Four Iconic ‘Street Fighter’ Characters Join the ‘Combo Crew’ in New Update


Many of you will probably remember Combo Crew (our review), an amazing 3D beat’em up for touch-screen based devices that had both an excellent control scheme and a hilarious presentation. You might even remember how it recently received an update that shocked people everywhere, adding both Lester Knight Chaykin – from Another World / Out of This World – as well as the eponymous Viewtiful Joe. As Capcom’s red-clad super sentai hero hadn’t received a proper beat’em up appearance in nearly a decade, Viewtiful Joe’s inclusion was particularly pleasing to fans of the now dead series.

Obviously the previous collaboration between The Game Bakers and Capcom must have worked out rather well for everyone involved, since they’re back with yet another update featuring even more Capcom classical heroes! This time players everywhere – for a nominal IAP fee – will be able to lay the smack down upon the forces of “The Boss” using Street Fighter mainstays such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Blanka. The developers have furthermore – completely free of charge – added the ability to cancel your current combo at any time into a block maneuver, which should prove to be a positively joyous addition to anyone striving for gold medals in the far latter stages of Combo Crew’s story mode.