Foursaken Media Launch a Content-Packed Free Version of ‘Heroes and Castles’

1_heroes_and_castlesIn our review from earlier this year, we called Foursaken Media’s Heroes and Castles a “brilliant strategy, castle defence, and action-RPG hybrid,” praised the game’s lush graphics and epic amount of content, and awarded it a fantastic 4.5 stars out of 5.

If for whatever reason you didn’t take that enthusiastic recommendation to heart and immediately drop $1.99 on Heroes and Castles, you’ll be pleased to hear that Foursaken Media have just released a free version of this must-have game.

Here Foursaken Media’s Jamie Jackson details why Heroes and Castles Free isn’t your typical “Lite” version of an iOS title:

We don’t consider this a “lite” version so to speak. It is a fully, self contained version of Heroes and Castles, just with less content available in the beginning. Specifically, whereas in the full version you have access to three starting heroes, in the Free version you can choose only one of the starting three.

Other than that, there are no extra pay walls or locked campaign content, so people can enjoy the full campaign in the free version without spending a dime. Another cool thing is that the Free version players can team up and play co-op or versus with players from the full version.

If you fancy checking out Heroes and Castles Free, here’s the App Store link.